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Community: Raising Money for Charity

During the past 4 years, students and staff have raised over £70,000 to improve the lives of the students in our partner schools in Uganda. These funds have been used to build latrines, renovate dormitories, decorate classrooms, provide chickens for local families..
Mrs Knight and her creative team of students regularly take part in national fundraising events by holding bake offs and selling crocheted poppies for Remembrance Day and pink ‘ribbons’ for ‘Wear it Pink’ day. Summer Fun in the Sun is an annual event which sees each tutor group come up with a fundraising idea and, in 2014, SFITS raised money for Turn to Starboard and Lander for Uganda. Students can also choose to turn their merits into charity donations, with worthwhile causes receiving over £2000 from this in 2014.

The photographs above are from the 'Tenner Relay' which took place in early 2015. Here is a student written report about this event.

The Tenner Relay

By Noah Palfreyman-Gaze- Year 8

Tenner Relay day was a time for donating money to people in need as well as having fun with friends and teachers. It was all in aid of Lander to Uganda which is our charity that raises money for our sister school in Uganda. The total amount of money raised was a grand total of £1,121.79, all from a single ten pound note! Mrs Laura Ford, who is a Business and Enterprise Coordinator at Richard Lander said: “The creativity of the students has been incredible, in coming up with a wide range of fundraising activities, while developing their enterprise skills. I am extremely proud of all the students who have organised and run the events. We are also grateful for the support of many local business who have donated raffle prizes and tins of beans.”

This eventful day consisted of a Jail or Bail prison where students and teachers nominated each other to spend ten minutes in a confined room raising £75.86. At break time, Mayor of Truro, Loic Rich, visited the jail and at the end of the day, the headmaster was “arrested” and sent to spend a sentence in the prison. Along with this, 4 year nine students did a six mile walk in the Richard Lander corridor to represent the walk that many children in Uganda have to do just to get to school. An amusing event took place inside school which featured Miss Myners being bathed in a gross bath of beans. There was a selection of stalls which included a tombola, treasure hunt, tuck shop, raffle, Sweets in a Jar, Name the Bear and a silent auction. People also donated their pennies to cover a large Richard Lander emblem with pennies. Lunch time featured a servant auction where teachers offered up their services to students at a price. Students bid on teachers in auction style with Mr Vaughan as the auctioneer. Some of the services on offer were a lunchtime party with your friends, a food run to Macdonalds and the most sought after - Headmaster for the day. This sold for a whopping £69 to a consortium of three students.

The Headteacher said: This is a terrific achievement and I applaud Mrs Ford and the Business Studies students. Thanks also to all other staff who took part in the day's activities, and especially to Miss Myners who got rather covered in baked beans at break time! The monies raised will be so valued by our partner school in Uganda. It is the equivalent to full care, board and education for 9 students for a whole year or alternatively, the cost of employing a teacher for a year - well done all.


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