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Green is Global 2013

Update - the Green is Global 2013 Website is currently under development and we are recruiting year 8 students who have an interest in global and sustainability issues to represent us at the Green is Global 2013 event. Please watch this page for further information. Below is some information about Green is Global 2011. A Youtube video is also available here.

Green is Global 2011 was an environmental project for schools from all over the world which had the following Mission Statement. 'Green is Global' aspires to encourage and create a more sustainable future for all. Through collaboration and respect we aim to build international partnerships and develop global leaders to champion the message of sustainability across continents. Green is Global 2011culminated in a conference during October 2011 in the UK at the world famous Eden Project.  At the conference students met for the first time.  
Conference 10th - 14th October 2011
Our conference brought together students and school leaders from across the world to discuss and promote issues of sustainability facing us all in the 21st century leading to a legacy of change'
The idea for “Green Is Global” stems from Richard Lander School putting forward the idea to senior Cornwall County ( UK) officers and the authority’s international coordinator.

From the outset, the intention was to develop school links beyond occasional exchange or visit opportunities, to engage in a “face to face” project in which shared learning and understanding would take place. The  theme, sustainability, has resonance for  young people across the world and was chosen as a topic of mutual interest and importance. Of equal significance was the venue, The Eden Project. With its world- wide importance as a centre for environmental advancement what better location could have been chosen for a gathering such as this?

Success in the world’s future is as much dependent upon those who lead, as it is about new technologies and so an educational leadership event ran alongside the student conference, which focused upon how students can be best equipped to take on this role in the future.

The conference ended in a final day of presentations, during which educational leaders and students came together for the publication of a joint declaration in Cornwall’s seat of local government, County Hall, Truro, Cornwall UK.

After eighteen months of planning, the conference took shape and its programme can be explored on the Green is Global 2011 website.

Green Is Global 2011 – Participant Schools
• Al-Zubair Secondary School - Yemen   ( 1 Article )
• Cambridge International School, Jalandhar   ( 1 Article )
• Children's Academy Mumbai   ( 1 Article )
• Fowey Community College   ( 1 Article )
• GSS Kwali in Abuja in Nigeria   ( 1 Article )
• Hayle Community College   ( 1 Article )
• Helston School   ( 1 Article )
• Humphry Davy School   ( 1 Article )
• Launceston College   ( 1 Article )
• Le Nivot School in Brittany, France   ( 2 Articles )
• Mechanicsburg Senior High School   ( 1 Article )
• Mexican Schools   ( 1 Article )
• MGN School, Jalandhar   ( 1 Article )
• MGN School, Kapurthala   ( 1 Article )
• Mount St Mary’s High School Zimbabwe   ( 1 Article )
• Penair School   ( 1 Article )
• Penrice Community College   ( 2 Articles )
• Penryn College   ( 6 Articles )
• Police DAV Public School, Jalandhar   ( 1 Article )
• Pool Academy   ( 1 Article )
• Richard Lander School   ( 1 Article )
• School Leaders   ( 1 Article )
• St. Kabir Public School, Chandigarh   ( 1 Article )
• The Roseland Community College   ( 1 Article )
• Vision School in Kissoro in Uganda   ( 2 Articles )
• Vivek High School, Chandigarh   ( 1 Article )
• Yiang Chuan High School No 1 in Yuxi   ( 1 Article )
• Yuxi Number 5 Middle School China Extraordinary Experience for All

Conference Review Statement

We would like to express a huge 'thank you' and even bigger 'well done' to everyone taking part in the conference, whether as part of the planning committee, as a delegate, a teacher or a leader or a sponsor. With you all, Green Is Global Conference has been a truly unforgettable international conference.
We feel confident to declare that the Green Is Global Conference has achieved its aims. All the students meeting from round the world enjoyed all the activities and it has been amazing to see them interact and support each other as well as have a lot of fun together. The leaders exchanged many thoughts and ideas which they can share further across their teaching communities worldwide and they will continue to offer global education to our young people of today.
It was fabulous to see highly creative and thoughtful presentations of our young people on the final day of the conference.  During the conference we met so many amazing student leaders that will champion our message further across the globe. The depth of students' convictions and calls for an immediate action was just inspirational. Their zeal and passion for sustainability were infectious.

However, I think a truly special moment arrived for me when the students shared with us their thoughts at the end of the conference. I am sure we can agree that our expectations of the conference were exceeded at this point by the students' final comments. It was truly memorable to hear that students enjoyed the opportunity to work together in one country and engage together. It was fantastic to hear that they enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing a life in a typical home. And, yes, it was fabulous to hear that they did not want to go home and would wish to work together and stay together with their new friends longer. All the messages were so unique, so deeply personal and so positive and I feel very privileged to have been able to be part of all this.

A big thank you and let's meet again. Let's make sure our newly formed friendships & partnerships flourish through this website and other media so that our common message is spread across the world.

Thank you!


Richard Lander School