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Community: Ugandan Partner Schools

Our school has had good links with Uganda for some years now and we offer the opportunity for Year 10 students to visit our sister schools and to work with their children for 3 weeks as well as enjoy an exciting safari.

We have 3 main partner schools in a rural orphan village in Kamuzinda, which is half an hours drive from the nearby town of Masaka.  The 3 schools comprise of a primary school, a secondary school and a farm school.  They support the needs of the local rural population and especially the hundreds of children who live in the 10 nearby orphan houses, with up to 45 children in each of these houses.

Most of these children, or their families, have been affected by malaria or HIV and others have been displaced by war.  Students at the school have often had to deal with the greatest of tragedy, but to their credit, they remain strong, focused and determined to succeed in school.

Our Year 10 students have visited Kamuzinda, worked in the orphan houses and also in our 3 sister schools in Kamuzinda.  It provides a wonderful experience and one which helps them understand the values of community, sustainability and of service.

Their fundraising has also built accommodation for future volunteers who may visit Kamuzinda and they have also raised funds for educational equipment such as books and computers.

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