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Curriculum: Design Technology Key Stage 4


At Key Stage 4 students can opt to study a GCSE in Design Technology.

Each course introduces students to a wide range of subject specific skills during Year 10. This allows them to build on their KS3 knowledge and develop skills when working with a range of materials, equipment and processes, creatively and with increased accuracy. Students will be able to voice a preference for the material they prefer working with (Textiles, Timber, Metal) however they will need to have knowledge of all materials for the final exam in Year 11. The  GCSE qualification is assessed by an examination (worth 50% of the GCSE) and a Controlled Assessment project (also worth 50% of the GCSE) where students work on an extended design brief provided by the exam board.

In Year 10, depending on their material selection, students will design and make a storage box, sweet dispenser, put and take toy, g clamp, cast coat hook, smart materials, mechanisms, phone stand and blister packaging. In Year 11 students will work on their controlled assessment projects. 

If you have further questions regarding Key Stage 3/4 Graphics, Engineering or Product Design please contact

Ms L Watts - Head of DT

If you have further questions regarding Key Stage 3/4 Textiles please contact

Mrs L Downing -Teacher of DT Textiles


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