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Curriculum: Regional Final and Work Experience for Young Chefs, Joe and Lottie


egional Final and Work Experience for Young Chefs, Joe and Lottie

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Report by Ashley Devlin and Vicki Heyward –Year 8

Everyone was unusually tense in the kitchen as the time had come for the annual Young Chef Regional Competition which is run by the Rotary Club. The contestants were Sally Abbott from Falmouth, Nell Salvoni from Truro School, Lottie Shipp from Richard Lander School and Joe Hayes, also from Richard Lander School. In the next classroom the loved ones of the contestants were waiting patiently and the tension was high there too as they were waiting for competition news.

We spoke to the three judges, Philip Oakes from Cornwall College, Sanjay Kumar from School Of Cornish Sardines and Dale McIntosh from Merchants Manor Falmouth. Philip Oakes said that Lottie Shipp was preparing his favourite dessert, profiteroles, and also Joe knew his ingredients well and was calm and didn’t let the judges bother him while he was preparing his three course meal. Sanjay said that Lottie and Joe had an advantage as they were taking part in the school they attend, also that it was nice to see proper food and to pick up new ideas. Dale said that Nell’s food was restaurant quality. With such strong candidates the competition promised to be exciting. 

Menus were varied but even though all the contestants were from different parts of Cornwall they had all decided to use 1 ingredient in common, Parma Ham!  Joe cooked Bruschetta with Pesto, Parma Ham and Sun Blush Tomatoes, followed by Baked Cornish Mackerel Fillets on Crushed New Potatoes with Olive Salad. He finished his menu with White Chocolate Tart with Raspberries and Crème Fraiche. Lottie’s starter was a Roasted Veg Stack with Lime Drizzle, for her main course she cooked Pollock wrapped in Parma Ham with Sautéed Potatoes & Vegetables and finally for dessert she made amazing Profiterole Swans. 

Part of the prize for winning the previous Young Chef round was to have a day’s work experience at Jamie Oliver’s 15, where Lottie and Joe worked with chefs as they cooked for customers. They described their experience; “On arrival, we were given breakfast and then a tour of the kitchens and then we moved between work stations learning different chef’s trades. We made bread and frangipani, we learned how to make pasta shapes with a pasta chef, Lottie’s least favourite part of the day was preparing scallops as they were slimy and gooey . We also learned how important it is to work neatly in a small space. The day was really enjoyable as we hadn’t done anything like that before and it has inspired us to cook different things.  A great part of the day was that we were allowed to taste the food."

After much consultation, the judges finally came back with their decision that Joe was there winner which means he will be going on to the next round in Minehead on the 7th March.  This was great news for us since Joe is a student at Richard Lander School! We wish him the best of luck for the next round.

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