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Curriculum: Drama Key Stage 3

All students have a weekly Drama lesson throughout Key Stage 3.  Students are able to work in groups to devise and perform their pieces, within the studio environment of the Drama facilities. 

The key skills which they will develop are:

  • Making - devising pieces, working together, rehearsing and directing
  • Performing - performing work to the class; both individual and group pices
  • Responding - providing constructive feedback to others so they can improve, adapt and polish their work. 

As a result, students enjoy increased confidence and self-esteem and this will benefit all aspects of their life.

Schemes of work encourage students to reflect on their place in the world; both locally and globally, and through role play they learn to empathise with the thoughts and feelings of others. 

Topics include: improvisation, building atmosphere, script work, movement, stage craft skills, status, issue based work on child labour and prejudice, Shakespeare, news reports and adverts, Melodrama and the history of theatre. Students will also be able to make and evaluate short video pieces.

For additional information relating to the Drama curriculum at Key Stage 3 please email

Ms L Charleston - Head of Drama

Richard Lander School