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Curriculum: Geography Key Stage 3

In Geography, students will learn about:

  • The way in which particular places and regions have evolved to be distinctive.
  • How to observe, describe, analyse, represent, interpret and report information about the world
  • Changes and stability in the Human and Physical worlds including the causes, rates and patterns of change and the prediction of change.
  • The world as an integrated system
  • A variety of analytical processes including techniques such as GIS and field study research.

In Key Stage 3 these are explored through:

Year 7: Introducing Geography, Exploring Earth, Natural Hazards, Map Skills,The Coastal Zone

Year 8: Rainforests, Energy Issues,Globalisation of Fashion,Weather,Environmental Concerns

Year 9: Population, Population/Migration, Rivers, Brazil, Development

More information on Geography at Key Stage 3 is available here:

Additional information on Key Stage 3 Geography can be obtained by contacting 

Ms R Robertson - Geography Teacher

Richard Lander School