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Curriculum: Japanese Club

Japanese Club  is held every Friday lunch time in room 005 with Miss Whitlock. Here is a selection of news posts so you can see what the club gets up to:

October 2016 - Japanese Club

Our second session attracted a lot of culture eager students – 25 in total this week! It may have been the lure of miso soup, seaweed and tofu or perhaps it was the wasabi peas! Everyone got to try some Japanese food delights and many got to try out their chopstick skills. Our language session consisted of practising our self-introductions with those who had attended last week leading the way.

Why not practise saying ‘how do you do’ in Japanese:  ‘hajimemashite’ (ha-ji-me-ma-sh-te).

January 2017 - Akemashite omeditou gozaimasu   

Happy New Year from Japanese Club!

Our first club meeting of the New Year was a resounding success. Not only did we get sent lots of wonderful matcha (green tea) powder from Japan, we also got origami paper, Japanese chocolates and a very cute ‘totoro’ New Year’s decoration! 

Our language lesson revisited some of last year’s work including the use of the verb ‘dekiru’ – to be able to.  We also learnt the Japanese numbers and how to ask: ‘How old are you?’ (Nan sai desu ka)

Finally, Koge Pan’s adventures got a bit obscure however; he did introduce us to ‘charcoal pan’ who had been in the oven for three hours!

January 2017 - Manga!

In January Japanese Club was delighted to host Keith Sparrow, a Manga artist from Truro. With funding from a grant from ‘The Japanese Foundation’, students were able to benefit from an expert and improve upon their Manga drawing skills.

Keith began the session with an explanation of the history of Manga and how the style developed. He then guided the students step-by-step to drawing their own ‘Lander Manga’. 

The workshop really was one of the highlights of our Japanese Club so far and students produced phenomenal Lander Manga, as the pictures show. Our thanks go to Keith Sparrow who was fantastic; we can’t wait to have him back!

February - How to tie a ‘Yukata’  

Once again, Japanese Club had a wonderful visitor – Chihoko Jones who has been living in the UK for the last 15 years. Originally from Chiba Prefecture in Japan, Chihoko ran our session this week and was able to listen to students introduce themselves in Japanese and then showed us how to tie a ‘Yukata’ (summer Kimono).

Scarlet Berry proved to be an expert at tying an ‘obi’ and the girls looked stunning in their colourful Yukatas. 

Chihoko is going to visit us again and we look forward to her sushi-making at one of our next sessions. 

Thanks to ‘The Japan Foundation’ for funding our Japanese Club and making it such fun!

February -Oregami and Umeboshi!

Japanese club got creative this week! Our 20 regular attendees threw themselves into creating origami penguins, swans, frogs and hats. Many also found time to create beautiful spring themed postcards which depicted cherry blossom, Mount Fuji, Geisha and more.

‘Umeboshi’ (sour plum) sticks, wasabi rice crackers and green tea were all gratefully consumed whilst heads were down folding, drawing and sticking. We didn’t even have time for Koge Pan! 

Thanks to the Japan Foundation for funding our club.

April - Telling the Time and Koge pan!

Over the last two weeks Japanese Club has focused on telling the time. Perhaps you might want to practise too…

Nan ji desu ka  -  What time is it?

Ichi ji desu  -  It is one ‘o’clock.

This has been a great way for us to get to grips with the Japanese number system. Numbers for the club are growing too and Friday lunch times are an absolute delight! Another delight is always an episode of ‘Koge pan’: this week he got a bit frustrated with ‘Ichigo pan’ (strawberry bread) because she is so soft and beautiful. However; she reminded him that people don’t always choose bread just for its looks. A lesson for us all…

Mata ne / Until next time

Richard Lander School