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Curriculum: Oxbridge Links

Richard Lander Helping With Oxbridge Applications.

Gifted and Talented students from Years 10 and 11 have had a number of opportunities to work with representatives from Oxford and Cambridge this year enabling them to find out about University life as well as the application process.  

Students in Year 11 attended an Oxbridge information conference at Truro College in which a series of lectures and workshops really helped them to focus on how to prepare in Years 11 and 12 for the interview process at Oxford and Cambridge.

Here are some comments from some of the students who attended:

Year 11 student Mark Simpson said "The day helped me to focus on achieving the best possible grades at GCSE as well as choosing the best related subjects at A level"

"Looking at the interview process and the content and format of the interviews at Oxford and Cambridge was especially useful" Emily Irwin Year 11 "I am definitely thinking about applying to Oxford or Cambridge because I have found them not to be as 'out of reach' as I previously thought academically and financially."

Students in year 10 also had a similar opportunity earlier this month attending a conference at Poltair School.   Miss Rickatson who accompanied the students said "Students coped really well with the Oxford style entry exam and our students were fantastic representatives of the school."

Last week 8 year 10 students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take part in an Oxford University taster day at Wadham College.  Students travelled up to Oxford by train on the Wednesday taking in sights of the city in the afternoon.  Students had a meal in the city followed by a night at the Youth Hostel.  On Thursday morning the students were met by representatives of Wadham College and given talks and tours by students on University life and the application process.  The first afternoon workshop was spent at the Pitt Rivers Museum which has a fascinating array of objects from around the world.  Students took part in an objects challenge helping them to learn more about the study of Anthropology.  The final session was based in the city centre and asked students to complete a photo challenge around Oxford. The students had to take a variety of different photos to show for instance, how many students you can fit into a phone box, alongside taking photographs of important Oxford landmarks.  All the students were excellent ambassadors for the school and gained a great deal from the experience.  A selection of their comments from the visit are provided below.

"It makes me want to study more and succeed in getting really good GCSEs as I know that they will be useful in the future" Maya Sheldon Year 10"

"It made me want to try harder in my GCSEs as they are the only definite grades that get seen."  Katie Sands Year 10

"This trip has made me realise what is achievable through hard work and dedication at school."

Tom Whitworth Year 10.

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