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Curriculum: Delving into World War 1 at the Cornish Studies Library


Delving into World War 1 at the Cornish Studies Library

Added 3 months ago

Report by Jess Georgelin and Evie Poole - Year 8

When Richard Lander students entered the doors of the Cornish studies Library in Redruth, they weren’t expecting to examine newspapers from the First World War. The papers, which dated back around 100 years, were preserved on micro films for future generations to enjoy.

Although the mechanisms of the micro film readers were difficult to get to grips with the students felt thoroughly privileged to be given the opportunity to use them. By reading through the papers there was a lot to be discovered about the home efforts during the war. From ‘eggs for the wounded’ to the 5,000 women a week who were needed in the “W.A.A.C - the woman’s army auxiliary courts”, there was a lot to be learnt from the visit. Kim Cooper was very welcoming to the students, kindly showing them how to use the facilities to delve into the Cornish wartime history and pupils on the trip were very thankful to her and also to Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Wright for giving them this opportunity to gain insight into Cornish heritage, The experience was educational and enjoyable, and definitely one students would like to repeat.

Soon the Cornish studies library will be packing up and moving to a bigger, better site to combine with the Records Office which is currently in Truro. There is a lovely art display at the entrance to reflect this journey.  The new facility will be located at the old brewery site in Redruth.

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