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Curriculum: History Key Stage 3

There are a number of key concepts that underpin the successful study of History at Key Stage 3. As students gain greater understanding of these concepts, they will begin to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and wider understanding of the subject.  These key concepts are:

  • Chronological understanding
  • Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity
  • Change and continuity
  • Cause and consequence
  • Significance of events
  • Forming interpretations

Year 7 is taught chronologically.

Term 1: Saxon crime and punishment (pre 1066 study), Normans and Medieval life

Term 2:  The Tudors, Everyday life in the Tudor period 

Term 3: English Civil war with a case study of Oliver Cromwell followed by why Britain colonised America

Year 8 is taught chronologically and thematically.

Term 1: The involvement of Britain in slavery, life on a plantation and the end of the slave trade

Term 2: The Industrial revolution and the effect it had on Cornwall and wider Britain (local History focus)

Term 3: Political revolutions with case studies on the French revolution and the American revolution

In Year 9 students study modern History, encompassing social, political and military History.

Additional information on Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 History can be obtained by contacting Mrs R Jarvis- Head of Humanities


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