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Curriculum: ICT and Computing Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students can opt to study either Information Technology or Computer Science. In Computer Science, students follow the OCR Comptuer Science GCSE and in  Information Technology, students follow the Edexcel Certificate in Digital Applications. 

Computer Science GCSE expands on students' Key Stage 3 learning and focusses on:

  • System Architecture (using the Von Neumann model of computers),
  • Data Representation (Binary and Hexadecimal),
  • Networks (LAN, WAN, wired and wireless),
  • Security Systems (including legal responsiblities as well as cyber warfare and terrorism)  
  • Algorithms (pseudocode and flowcharts)
  • Programming Techniques
  • Programming Languages and facilities

the course is assessed in two 90 minute examinations which make 80% of the course and a Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) which makes up the remaining 20% of the course.

Edexcel's Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA) is the IT qualification followed at school. We have followed this course for a number of years and following the Department of Educations decision to remove the GCSE for ICT we have come back to this well regarded and rewarding qualification. A vocational Level 2 qualification, CiDA gives students an opportunity to use applications to complete projects based around a project brief which will require a variety of multimedia products to be researched, created\edited and reviewed. In addition to this students will also sit a 2.5 hour online examination where they have to create a website including navigation and images based on a project brief given on the day.

Additional information on Key Stage 4 ICT and Computing can be obtained by contacting

Mr A Griffiths - Head of ICT and Computing



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