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Curriculum: MFL Key Stage 3

At KS3, all students study either French or Spanish as their main Modern Foreign Language. The focus is very much on developing the key skills of listening, speaking reading and writing, in a range of contexts and for a range of audiences. As students progress through years 7-9, they will study a range of text and media and become increasingly skilled in expressing themselves confidently and fluently.

In Year 7, students are encouraged to experiment with simple vocabulary in different situations and to begin to feel what it is like to be immersed in a different culture and language. By the end of the Key Stage most students will find themselves confident in basic communication and some will be developing a real flair and fluency. 

The curriculum is supported by special theme days such as the Year 7 Sombrero/Chapeau day, early in October and the Francovision and Spanglovision song competitions, held at the end of the Autumn Term.  We offer visits from theatre groups and some themed days around cultural events in France and Spain. Additionally, there is a Key Stage 3 annual trip to Paris, which is always very popular with students. We are now planning a trip to Barcelona in October 2019.

Our language assistants also provide one to one support for students, who are then able to speak with a native linguist from their country of study. They run weekly clubs for both key stages.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum takes us through an exciting range of thematic programmes of study, which include:
Year 7: Yourself & others, schools in English and French speaking countries, French and French speaking countries’ festivities, hobbies, holidays & days out
Year 8: Networks – media and social media, tourist French & getting to know Paris, our daily lives, our talents, hopes and dreams.
Year 9: Skills preparation for GCSE focusing on family, friends & idols, daily life  

Each theme is explored in an imaginative and engaging way, exploring a range of texts (leaflets, guides, stories, literary text extracts) and media (films, social media, music, art) which prepare students for the demands of the GCSE course in Key Stage 4. 

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