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Curriculum: Paris 2017

The Paris trip runs annually for year 8 students at Richard Lander School. It is a 5 day trip which includes visits to famous French sites and the opportunity to try French cuisine. This year the trip leaders published daily posts on the school Facebook page so we could follow their adventures; Here are some excerpts… and an opportunity to practice your French!

Lundi 13 Mars
Nous sommes arrivés! We have all arrived safely at le Château de Grande Romaine and have settled in and unpacked. After a tour of the château and dinner we did a photo scavenger hunt before all getting an early night, ready for Paris tomorrow!

Mardi 14 Mars
Aujourd'hui nous sommes allés à Paris et nous avons visité la Cité des Sciences, après nous sommes montés la Tour Eiffel! We had an amazing day in Paris today visiting the science museum and then climbing the Eiffel Tower. We finished the day off with a boat trip along the Seine in the sunshine and a quick tour of Paris by coach before heading back to the château for dinner

Mercredi 15 Mars
Aujourd'hui nous sommes allés au marché à Melun et nous avons acheté beaucoup de souvenirs! Ensuite, nous avons visité le château de Fontainebleau, c'était formidable! Finalement, nous avons fait du shopping dans un hypermarché. We had a great day today visiting the Royal Palace at Fontainebleau and spending our money in the market and hypermarket. After dinner we made crêpes and ate them, of course!

Jeudi 16 Mars
Nous sommes allés à Disneyland Paris aujourd'hui et c'était super! Il faisait chaud et il y avait du soleil. We had an amazing day at Disneyland Paris today in the sunshine and bought lots of Disney themed souvenirs! We had snails for dinner tonight and then toasted marshmallows on the campfire! We've had a great time and are looking forward to coming home tomorrow!

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