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Curriculum: Music Key Stage 3

Our main aim at Richard Lander is to get students involved: to raise their confidence in singing and in instrumental playing. We want students to enjoy the academic learning of music, both individually and in small groups, as they devise, create and then perform their own music. We want to encourage as many students to join one of our many music extra-curricular activities and attend on a weekly basis to help them build on their performance confidence outside of the classroom.

At Key Stage 3 pupils build on their previous knowledge and skills through performing, composing and listening. Students develop their vocal and instrumental fluency, accuracy and expressiveness. They further learn to understand musical structures, styles, genres and traditions. Students learn to listen with increasing discrimination and awareness to inform their practice

In Year 7, students will learn basic keyboard, guitar and percussion skills (through learning to play the beautiful music from the Indonesian Gamelan) and begin to devise and perform short pieces. In term 3, Year 7 students will take part in the First Access Music programme where they will be able to practice a brass or woodwind instrument.

In Year 8, students continue to develop their practical keyboard skills, extend their composition work and participate in more involved ensembles. Students are able to learn how to play the African Djembe drums. Music Technology is introduced as students use Sibelius and Reaper software. They also develop their general musical knowledge through listening and evaluating.

In Year 9, all pupils further develop their performance skills by playing in ensembles. They are able to specialise on their preferred instrument when participating in the band project. Students also learn how to perform in a whole group samba band and further develop their music technology skills, utilising computers and targeted music software. Students are encouraged to compose and arrange music in a variety of styles and genres.

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