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Curriculum: Music Key Stage 4

Richard Lander School offers GCSE Music and BTEC Music Technology at Key Stage 4. 

All students are expected to represent the school musically. This could be through attending theory club or performing with the school choir, jazz band, orchestra or a world/rock/pop group. BTEC students will also be expected to practice using recording and software equipment outside of the classroom through supporting various school functions and events.

GCSE Music aims to: 

• Encourage students to be inspired, moved and changed through appreciating music from a wide range of contexts
• Develop critical and evaluative skills, creative and aesthetic skills as well as sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline and self-confidence
• Enable students to engage directly with music, to develop their own instrumental skills and to compose and perform confidently in individual and group contexts

The compositional and performance elements of the course are assessed internally whilst the listening and appraising elements are studied through formal external examination.

BTech Music Technology is designed for learners wishing to gain knowledge and skills within the sphere of music technology and associated music industry disciplines. The qualification will allow learners to gain understanding of technical concepts and applications and contextual issues relating to music technology. It will provide opportunities to develop skills in sound recording, mixing and mastering, sequencing and production, live sound, radio programming and video production. It will also give learners an underpinning knowledge and skill set within associated areas such as composing, listening to music and podcast production. 

More information on GCSE Music and BTech Music Technology are available here: 

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