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Curriculum: Taster Session at Cornwall BMX Racing Club


On Monday, fifteen fortunate RLS students were able to miss afternoon of lessons and attend a BMX racing taster session, held at the Cornwall BMX Racing club in Blackwater. The session was aimed at giving children their first taste of BMX racing, with the hope of inspiring them to take up the sport.
The session was run by Sam Leggett, a British Cycling coach, and he made sure the students had a really enjoyable time, whilst keeping it as safe as possible. He began by teaching the group some of the more basic techniques associated with racing a BMX, such as cornering and how to ride over the various features found on a track, before then letting them loose on the purpose built track.
At the end of the session it was amazing to see the improvement in technique and confidence of the group, and numerous students were heard saying that they will definitely be returning to the track in the future to have another go.
For anyone else wanting to give it a go, the track is open most weekends but you are advised to check their Facebook page for more accurate opening times.
Mr J Williamson

Richard Lander School