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Curriculum: Year 8 Netball - County Champions!


Year 8 Netball Team - County Champions!

Added 3 months ago

Report by Jade Beech - Year 8

Firstly, well done to Jade Beech(WA), Mairead Dolan(GA) Nell Dart(C), Alisha Hick(GS), Skye Jackson(WD), Delphi Harries(GD), Megan Beynon(GK), Willow Jarvis(GS,WA), Sophie Robbins(GS) and Zena Baulk(WD) for winning the Year 8 County Netball Tournament last Friday. The whole team played amazingly and luckily the weather was kind to us, making the day very enjoyable.  We would all like to say a massive thank you to Miss Jacobs for taking us to the event and to Miss Taylor and Miss Fry who coached us every week. We all really appreciate it.

When we were at the tournament there were five groups. The top five teams from last year’s tournament were seeded into different groups and the rest of the teams were evenly spread amongst the groups. Within our group there were four other teams:  Pool, Helston, Treviglas and Liskeard. Our first match was against Liskeard and we were all really nervous as it was our first match of the tournament. Everyone was soon relaxed and we were playing really hard. In this match we won 17-0, which we were very happy about and gave us a burst of excitement for the next match. We then played Helston, which we won 11-2. Afterwards we played Pool (we won 12-1) and then our last match from our group was against Treviglas and we won with a score line of 15-0. As we won all of our games it allowed us to progress to the final stages of the tournament where we played the winners of the other four groups. These teams were : Truro High School, Truro School, Penair and Penrice. As we waited to see which court we were on we all grabbed a small snack.

The horn went and we were asked to set up on court. Our first match in the heat was against Truro High School and this was one of the matches we were dreading as they are a great team. Anyway, the match started and they were on top form from the word go. It was a tough match but we managed to win 6-2, which gave every player a little bit more confidence going into the next game. Soon after, we were on again and against Penair. Although this one was a very hard match we were able to get the shots in and win 8-2. Truro School were the next team and probably the strongest team we had to play against. Eventually, after an extremely tiring half we had a minute break. We then went back into the game hard and strong. Thankfully we did win 8-3, however we then had to play Penrice who we had never played before, meaning we didn’t know how good they were or how they played as a team. Going into our last match was quite scary because we could become the champions and this also meant the day was almost over. Everyone tried really hard and we all worked really well as a team. We came out of this match with a score of 8-2 which we were happy with. This now meant we had definitely won the tournament! All our matches were won and the highest amount of goals we let in one game was only three, which is amazing. 

The top five teams then went up to the top courts and were awarded our medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. As we came first we were then given an amazing trophy that will be kept in a cabinet in school. Overall it was a fantastic day and winning was the icing on the cake.
We are now County Tournament Champions 2 years running and we can’t wait for next year.



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