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Curriculum: Of vs have

Of vs have

This week’s literacy tip has come about via a request.  It’s becoming increasingly common to make this mistake because the sounds are so similar.

WWE it’s not but there is definitely a grammar wrestling match going on between these two.  This is one that has developed because of the way we speak.  Somewhere along the line, the sound we make when saying ‘would’ve’, ‘must’ve’, ‘could’ve’ and ‘should’ve’ has become ‘would of’ and ‘must of’ which means that when it’s written it becomes incorrect grammar.  

NO!  It’s time to reclaim the correct saying and spelling of this! 

So, any time the words below are contracted it is not by using ‘of’:

Must have = must’ve
Would have = would’ve
Could have = could’ve
Should have = should’ve
May have = may’ve

I would have (would've) liked to see that movie.
I would of liked to see that movie.
She would have (would've) told me if that happened.
She would of told me if that happened.
If you had asked me, I would have (would've) tried to help.
If you had asked me, I would of tried to help.

Remember, if there is something you would particularly like to see covered then please email your requests to:  enquiries@richardlander.cornwall.sch.uk with RLS Literacy in the subject header.

Mrs N Bone - Head of English

Richard Lander School