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Curriculum: The curse of the ranDom capital letter

The Curse of the ranDom Capital Letter

Er no…  It’s not a new instalment of a mystery featuring super sleuth Sherlock Holmes.  Rather, it’s the strange phenomenon of capital letters popping up in unexpected places in a piece of writing.  This is probably the result of a bad habit where a person has got used to writing a letter as a capital no matter where it is used in their writing; once the habit is acquired, it’s really difficult to shake off. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the habit can’t be changed.  Listed below are the official reasons for using capital letters.

Capital letters should be used for:

The beginning of a sentence.
People’s names.
Names of places.  These can be towns, cities, countries, rivers, lakes etc. but not the points of the compass unless it is part of the name e.g. South Africa.
Names of streets, roads and buildings.
Titles of books, plays, songs, newspapers, films and poems.
Days of the week, months of the year and for special days.  Capitals are not used for the seasons of the year.
For titles e.g. Prime Minister.
For titles before names e.g. Prince Charles
The name of God, Jesus Christ and words relating to them e.g. Allah, The Messiah, Our Father.
The word ‘I’ - this is always a capital.

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Mrs N Bone

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