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Pastoral Care: Year 6 Induction Days 2012


The move from Year 6 to Year 7 is an important point for primary school children and for their parents. As a school, we do our best to ensure that this transition is supported through lots of contact with the school and opportunities for both parents and children to meet students and staff at Richard Lander.

Transition arrangements will include opportunities such as:

� Collaborative primary school days at Richard Lander School (for example, creative writing days, sports days and so on)

� Various gifted and talented workshops

� 2 induction days in the summer term

� Visits by senior staff at Richard Lander to feeder primary schools, to meet with parents and Year 6 students

Transition arrangements for Year 6 are co-ordinated by Mr Vaughan, Assistant Headteacher. If any parent has an issue they would like to raise with him direct, please contact him through the link below. For more information about the transition to secondary school, plus useful information such as the uniform policy, times of the school day etc, please see the various links on this page.

For information on uniform please follow this link.

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