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What's Going On: Exam Resources and Notices


Pre Public Exams (Mocks)

All Year 11 students have Pre Public Exams after half term to prepare them for their GCSE exams in June. These will run from Monday 30th October until Friday 10th November. There will be more Pre Public Exams in February 2018.

A provisional PPE timetable is available here:


Richard Lander School GCSE Results 2017

Congratulations to all students at Richard Lander School who have gained excellent results this year.

Nearly 70% of students gained 5 or more good passes including English and maths.  Our English results were a particular highlight with over 85% of students gaining a level 4 or above – which is the new grading system corresponding to the old A*-C grade.

30% of our students gained 3 or more A/A* grades (or the equivalent grade in English / maths)

More than 20% of students gained 5 or more A/A* or equivalent grades.

Overall, it is difficult to compare this year’s results with previous years as there has been so much change with new exam syllabi and a 9-1 numbering system replacing the A*-G lettering system in English and maths.  That said, our early analysis of results is very encouraging indeed.  Congratulations to all students who have worked so hard to gain these results.

A special mention to the following students who gained 10 or more A/A* grades or equivalent: Finn Howard (13), Josephine Cowley (12), Lottie Shipp (12), Madelaine Collins (11), Dulcie Havers (11), Benjamin Keast (11), Kitty McDermott (11), Zak Minett (11), Jools Clarke (10), Meryn George-Carter (10), Nathan Lawrence (10), Cailtin Marshall (10), Jenna Michaels (10), Alexander Moreman (10), Amelia Sharp (10), Emily Smith (10)


Exam Notices and Resources

1 Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessment

2 Information for Candidates - Coursework Assessment

3 Information for Candidates - On-screen Tests

4 Information for Candidates - Written Examinations

A useful resource from edexcel for converting your marks is available here.


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