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What's Going On: Green Day 2012 - Video


Thanks to Callum Hendry, from year 11, for taking all of the lunchtime activity photographs.

Green Day 2012

Thursday 25th October saw the arrival of the 3rd Annual Richard Lander School Green Day.

The Richard Lander community came into school dressed in “green” clothing, with prizes being awarded for the best dressed staff and students. Some focussed on the colour green, some wore recycled clothing and some made their own outfits out of the contents of their recycling bins!

Prizes were awarded to Harriet Tyler, Bethany Fuller, Tilly Young, Amelia  Hamblin, Peter Allen, Finn Howard along with Miss Wright (IT) and Mr Gell (Maths) with  66.6666666% reoccurring Green coverage!
Students were invited to think green as well! Green activities on the day included tutor time discussions on travel, power, efficiency, heat, recycling and fuel. There were also a range of recycled craft activities on offer at lunchtime. Miss Richie teamed up with environment club and made beautiful covered notepads which proved to be extremely popular. Craft club crocheted wool scraps into flowers to decorate the notepads.

Mrs Griffiths and Miss Wright, with the help of Year 9 and 11 ICT groups, dismantled unwanted computer equipment and made fish plait friendship bracelets with the wires. Students also made pom-pom poi and corsages with materials from the Scrapstore.

Team RLR1 held an “Open Workshop” in Room 115 whilst they worked on their latest cars and explained about next years Greenpower Team recruitment and the Award Winning Green Power Education Trust.
Overall a staggering £1017.83 was raised which will be put towards environmentally aware projects in school.

“Our third annual Green Day has been our most successful yet. We have noticed even more staff and students really throwing themselves into this event!” (Mr J Beech)
“I really enjoyed Green Day because we got to use recycled things creatively instead of them getting thrown away.” (Madison Rowe)
“It was really fun that we got to wear our own clothes and that there were extra activities on offer” (Ella Thomas)

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