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What's Going On: Greenpower at Jaguar Land Rover


Greenpower live the highlife at Jaguar Land Rover

Report by Jacob Moran

Photos and research by Jacob Moran and Amelia Hamblin

Greenpower had been looking forward to the trip to Jaguar Land Rover for weeks, even though we would have to leave school in the middle of the night in order to get there.  Finally, when the 17 of us arrived at the Birmingham factory, following a seven hour coach journey, we were met by staff from the visitor centre and other Greenpower colleagues. The first things I noticed were a Jaguar stuck to the outside wall of the factory, and the director’s brand new, top of the range, XK in the car park. All right for some!

As we were first on the premises, we had the privilege of sitting in the showroom cars and taking photographs of them.  Later on, the other ten schools, which had also been invited, arrived.  The early bird catches the worm.

The day’s events started with a talk about Jaguar, where we learnt that Jaguar have 24,000 staff, sell cars in 174 countries worldwide and had a turnover of £13.5 billion last year. This was followed by an interactive session, where we modelled our own aerodynamic car and tested it in a wind tunnel and a smoke-filled tunnel to see how well it worked. Next, we were given a tour of the factory, where we saw the XK, XJ and XF being built. The XK is top of the range, costs a whopping 97K and has a maximum speed of 186 mph.

Lunch was followed by workshops on race strategy, how to get the most out of your battery and budgeting, which were very useful and will help us with our future Greenpower races and fundraising. As we had to travel so far home, we left just before the presentation at the end and managed to make it back to Cornwall by 8:45.

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