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What's Going On: Lander to Uganda 2014


Lander to Uganda 2014

Report by Bryan Knight - Year 11

In July, twenty-two students and six teachers from Falmouth School, Richard Lander School, and Truro College came together for the annual trip to Uganda. This was the fifth year of one of the most highly anticipated trips of the school year. The school trip was started by Richard Lander School to allow students the opportunity to help local Ugandans in the less supported areas. We spent just under three weeks in Uganda, mainly working in the rural area of Bukomansimbi.
Hoy’s college, in Bukomansimbi, provided us with accommodation and it was from here that we distributed learning equipment to the students with the money we raised prior to our trip. We visited two other schools, St. Jude’s primary school, and Kidsgear primary school. In St. Jude’s we painted dormitories and classrooms to provide children with a better learning environment. Throughout the course of the trip, students became attached to the children in the primary schools, and some decided to sponsor a child. The sponsoring of a child ensures that they are fed, clothed and educated. 
We were separated into groups and sent to four families, where we built latrines. We spent several days building and became close to the families we were with. We provided families with essential items such as: soap, flour, maize, sugar, salt and more and purchased live chickens for distribution.

When exploring Uganda, we were given the opportunity to tour a tea plantation, then taught how the pick the plants and of the farm’s history. We also enjoyed eating traditional dishes and a meeting where we conversed with local professionals and trades people from which, we could evaluate similarities and differences compared to the UK.

All of the money used to help the people, came from fundraising activities that we held throughout the previous year. We have all expressed our gratitude for having the opportunity to go on the trip, and have unanimously agreed that the trip has positively changed our perception of our own lives.

The people I met amazed me with all their stories, and I felt humbled by how content they were despite the poverty that engulfed their lives. This has been a trip of a lifetime that I will always remember with fond memories. 

Please click here for a gallery of photos from this visit.

The video above was made by Miss Fewster and really captures the spirit of the visit.

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