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What's Going On: Uganda 2015 - Video


In the early hours of July 2nd, twenty six students and five teachers from Richard Lander School and Truro College departed for the annual trip to Uganda. This was the sixth year of one of the most highly anticipated trips of the school year. The school trip was started by Richard Lander School to allow students the opportunity to help local Ugandans living in deprived areas; to improve the quality of life for the students and families of our partner schools; to give our students an experience of cultural diversity they will never forget and to make a real and direct difference in local areas struggling with poverty in Uganda. We spent just over three weeks in Uganda, working in the rural areas of Bukomansimbi and Kamuzinda.


Hoy’s college, in Bukomansimbi, provided us with accommodation and it was from here that we distributed learning equipment to the Ugandan students with the money the Richard Lander students had raised prior to our trip (an amazing £12,000!) We visited two other schools, St. Jude’s Primary school, and Kidsgear Primary school, where we painted dormitories and classrooms to provide children with a better learning environment. We also paid for the floor to be skimmed and classroom areas to be re-wired. Our students had opportunities to play with the children and to teach lessons during their stay.

Molly and Paul’s school hosted the group in the mission houses for the duration of our stay in Kamuzinda. Here also, Richard Lander Students were able to improve the learning environments for the Ugandan Students by painting and repairing classrooms. We also provided a celebration evening meal for the whole school which was an “awesome experience” and the Ugandan students provided an evening of song and dance in exchange. We extended the boys dormitory, an improvement which one of the Ugandan students described as “a dream come true” and we provided families with essential items such as: soap, flour, maize, sugar, salt, matoki (green banana) and more.
When exploring Uganda, the students were given the opportunity to tour a tea plantation, then taught how to pick the plants and how the tea is processed ready to sell. They also enjoyed eating traditional dishes and a meeting where we conversed with local professionals and trades people and compared similarities and differences to the UK.
After three weeks of hard work the students went on a two day safari where they could relax by the pool and spot elephants, lions, hippopotamus, water buffalo, crocodiles, and many more wild animals.

For the summer 2016 visit, Richard Lander School is hoping to raise £12,000 for the Lander for Uganda project, which is nearly £500 for each of the students going. The students will decide how some of the money is spent and are planning to reroof the orphanage because water is dripping onto the children’s beds.

All of this money comes from fundraising activities and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support for this project.

Ms L Myners - Cover Supervisor
Lander for Uganda Lead Fundraiser

Richard Lander School