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Richard Lander Racing – applications are open..

Added 2 years ago

Do you want to be part of Richard Lander School’s Greenpower team? If so, now is your chance to apply…

Greenpower application forms are available to collect from the cars area opposite student reception. All students need to apply through this process. The deadline for applications is the 26th January.

About the process: Once application has been received, students may be shortlisted before being invited to a workshop where they will be given a task to complete. The decision is primarily made by the existing team members who retain their place (unless they’ve lost interest or have shown a lack of commitment).

The existing team members use a decision matrix to score the applicants on team work; leadership; technical awareness; communication and listening skills. This provides a level of objective decision making to make the process as fair as possible in the face of huge levels of interest from the students.


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