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G&T Maths Students Explore a "Hidden Valley"

Added 8 years ago


Hidden Valley Trip for Year 7 Gifted and Talented Maths Students

Eighty year 7 students visited the Hidden Valley Discovery Park in Launceston in late June. This is in essence a cross between the 1980s television show, the Crystal Maze, and a really good treasure hunt which uses such skills as maths, physical activity, communication and team building.

At the end is the Vault, a chamber full of devious challenges which have to be completed within a time limit. Just like the Crystal Maze, the time inside the Vault is determined by the number of crystals collected. On the Explorers Path the students are given a treasure map and have to follow a series of map references until they find the crystal. The Inspectors Code involves solving mathematical and logic puzzles - all in the hunt for another crystal.  By the end of our two visits one group of students and one group of teachers had successfully completed the final five challenges in the Vault which was an excellent effort. 

The students were also able to take a ride on the Porterswick Junction Light Railway, which goes around the perimeter of the park. Or they could try to find their way through the Beech Hedge Maze, which has grown tall enough in recent years to leave some of the students completely undetectable, except from the central tower.
The students all behaved impeccably and the school has been asked to return next year to test out the new facility currently being built at the park before it is opened to the general public.

Quotes from some Y7 students
The trip was amazing; the Vault was cool too!  Emily
They made it very challenging which made it fun!  Jodie
I really enjoyed the trip to the Hidden Valley.  Sophie

Mr I Robinson (Maths Teacher)

Richard Lander School