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Supporting Truro Foodbank at Christmas with Reverse Advent Calendars

Added 8 months ago

By Leah Pollard, Year 10
This December our tutor, GLFd, decided to start a ‘reverse advent calendar’ in aid of Truro food bank. The concept was that we each brought in some items of food every day of December, this applied to mostly our own tutor but we also encouraged others to contribute too - they did so with great efforts. Overall we brought in an incredible 82.5kg, all put towards the increasingly urgent need for struggling families and individuals to be fed. On the last Tuesday of term, 3 of us visited Truro Foodbank to deliver our goods. Once we were there, we helped sort the food into best before dates. As for the extra items, such as toiletries and baby products, they were put in a separate pile to be distributed to those in need. We also talked to Bob who manages the foodbank, he told us that this time last year, the food bank was able to feed around 85 people in just one day and they are expecting to break that daily record this year.
We socialised with other volunteers during the heart-warming and festive labour, meeting new people and feeling like we had contributed to our local community in doing so.
Following the ‘Reverse advent calendar’ efforts of all of our tutor groups lead by Mrs Woodruff and Mrs Ford’s tutor groups, we decided to hold a non uniform day on the last day of term for Truro Food Bank! Thank you very much for all your kind donations; they will be feeding local people well into 2019!


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