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‘Under the Clock Tower’: Truro City of Lights 2019

Added 2 years ago


The City of Lights parade was a fantastic success again this year . Our lantern had been designed and created by a group of Year 9 students based around the theme "Under the Clock Tower" and celebrating the history of Truro. We decided to create Truro cathedral which was an ambitious task. Students worked with the artist Amanda Lorens for two days. The first day was spent building the structure and learning how to use the materials. The second day was spent papering the structure and then using coloured tissue to create beautiful stained glass windows. Many thanks to the following students in Year 9 who created the lantern: Jasmine, Abbie, Aimee, Serena, Kirstin, Naimh, Lucy, Sophie, Tansy, Rebecca, Carrie, Ella, Keirra and Haijra.

On the day of the parade the wind was howling and the rain lashing down . We managed, with difficulty, to get our lantern out of school as it was a little too big for some doorways. Fortunately the weather conditions improved and we were able to carry our lantern in the dry amongst all the other fantastic lanterns. It was also fantastic to have the brilliant school samba band accompany us on the route, a great evening was had by all and we would like to thank all the students who carried the lantern.

Mrs N Dalby, Head of Art

Richard Lander School