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Year 9 E-Safety Primary School Tour 2019

Added 2 years ago

Our Year 9 Drama students delivered an hour’s worth of short plays to four feeder primary schools earlier this term. The theme for the presentation was how to stay safe when using the Internet. They worked really hard rehearsing and directing their performance at lunchtimes, and the tour was a big hit!

Our review from TLA !

My Year 3s thoroughly enjoyed your performance. They returned to class excited to share what they had seen with me. They talked about the funny bits in the play - the banana people were a huge hit! but they were also able to explain the messages behind each sketch which was so important.Thank you for a wonderful morning and we look forward to next year!

Mrs Odgers. Truro Learning Academy

Joe England, from Year 9, tells us more …

On the 30th of October and the 1st of November, some year 9 drama students (including myself) visited four primary schools in the Truro area. There was 9 groups involved – each performing a short play with its own important message about staying safe online. Almost immediately after we arrived at school, after a short run-through, we hopped on our ‘tour bus’ with our drama teachers and made our way to the schools. It was a fun experience for all of us that were involved in the show, and the children absolutely loved it! They spoke about their favourite parts of the show at the end: the most rewarding part of the tour was hearing all the information they picked up. They really did listen to everything we said!

I, along with 5 of my friends, performed an ‘E-safety song’ along with a routine to go with it. We put almost every single one of our lunchtimes in the previous few weeks before that into rehearsing the song – so seeing it all come together made it all worthwhile! The Richard Lander drama department including Ms Charleston, Ms Nortje and Ms Smith were very supportive and helped us to achieve the image we wanted during the performance. I am so glad that we did this and it was definitely an experience that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!


Richard Lander School