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TerraCycle Update - 20kg of diverted waste raises £40 for Lander4Uganda!

Added 2 years ago

Thank you to all the people who donated to TerraCycle last term. We sent a shipment at the end of term of 16kg of crisp packets and 4kg of bread bags.

This earns a total of £40 which will go towards Lander4Uganda fundraising, and diverts 20kg of rubbish from landfill/incineration.

In total we have sent 38kg to TerraCycle and the process is being made simpler and more streamlined so we hope to send even more in the future.

Thanks again for all the contributions, especially to Tremorvah Industries who have been TerraCycle superstars! Thanks also to those of you who helped us sort the waste at the last minute.


Richard Lander School