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Delicious New Vegan Options now in the School Canteen

Added 2 years ago

In the past, students and staff have raised concerns that there were not enough vegan options available in the school canteen and that food was not clearly labelled as to whether it was suitable for a vegan diet or not.

Following a Skype call with Hannah Baugh, the nutritionist from Autograph, and a lot of hard work from Pixie and the canteen staff, we are delighted to tell you that there are now vegan options on the main meal menu every day and there are also a number of exiting new ‘grab and go’ options on the counter.

For example, for £1.15 you can buy a slice of vegan pizza complete with mozzarella style cheese, or you can try a ‘mozzarella’ and pesto savoury pastry. For £2 you can purchase a roasted Mediterranean vegetable baguette, a ‘mozzarella’ and tomato baguette or a hummus and salad baguette, all of which are freshly made, every day, on the school premises. There are also 3 different types of vegan pre-packed Urban Eats sandwiches.

For vegans with a sweet tooth, there is a choice of flapjack, 2 types of homemade cookie and chocolate crispy cake.

The new main meal menus are listed below and provide a really tasty and exciting lunch for us all with themed meals from around the world and all food is now clearly labelled. Thank you very much to Hannah Baugh, Pixie and the canteen staff for making this happen in time for Veganuary :)

Please note, all of these options may not be available every day; Pixie and her team are working out which options are most popular with staff and students. However, there will certainly be a variety delicious vegan food in the RLS Canteen everyday!


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