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AS Critical Thinking Taster Trip

Added 7 years ago


English Gifted and Talented trip to Truro College for AS Critical Thinking taster session

On Tuesday 18th September, 24 year 10 students were given the opportunity to attend a taster session for AS critical thinking at Truro College. The session was a chance for them to experience what the course would entail and to get a feel for college learning.
The course involves the students developing skills they already have: questioning; providing deeper analysis; constructing arguments; justifying reasons and ideas; and judging the relevance and significance of information.
One of the joys of the course is there is no set subject material – the students can discuss what the like. They just have to rationalise and argue well.
One student, Freya Eschele-Retallick said “it seems like a fabulous course” while another, Harry Blackman, felt “it was a great session and I know it will benefit my GCSEs.”
And just think, if they complete the course, they will have an AS level before they finish their GCSEs – Geniuses!!

Miss Hannah Taylor

Richard Lander School