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6-Week Revision Schedule for GCSE Foundation Maths with Weekends Off!

Added 7 years ago

Mrs Vincent has devised a revision schedule which enables students to cover all the necessary material in 6 weeks whilst having weekends off.

Please follow these instructions and consult the timetable (link at the bottom of the page)

MathsWatch is available on Moodle.
It contains video clips covering GCSE Foundation topics and explains how to answer examination questions.
Just log onto our website.
Click on ‘Moodle’
Log in with your school user name and password
Under ‘Main Menu’ on the top left hand side click on ‘MathsWatch Resources’
Then you can click on ‘5 MathsWatch KS4 New Spec Set 1 EFG’ to access the grade G to E topics.
“Click here to start viewing the clips”
Click ‘Clip Number’
Then watch your allocated clips for the day.
It’s only 20 minutes a day with weekends off!

6-Week Revision Timetable

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