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GCSE English Revision Sessions and Resources

Added 8 years ago


Year 11 GCSE English Language revision opportunities for January exams

All of our Y11 students will be sitting the following exam in January:
• A680 Information and Ideas – Thursday 10th January
In addition to the learning taking place in lessons the English department are offering the following revision opportunities.

Revision workshops:
Revision workshops are starting on Tuesday 2nd October at lunchtime and are repeated again afterschool on Tuesday. These sessions will run every week up to and including the week of their exam. They are advertised weekly in the school’s bulletin and a timetable of the revision sessions is available on Moodle.
As this exam is worth 40% of their English Language grade we wholeheartedly encourage all students to take attend as many of the revision workshops as possible.

There is a printable timetable here

Moodle also has some revision resources that children can access from home. These can be accessed through the GCSE English and English Literature option on the Moodle menu.
• A680 Information and Ideas – resources focused on writing sentences and a revision pack to work through questions from both the reading and writing sections of the paper.
Revision videos that support the OCR English curriculum can be accessed through the Teacherinmypocket channel: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE8807DA854A2E0B7  Students can look at the following uploads for each exam:
• A680 Information and Ideas: Top 5 writing tips
GCSEPod also offers some revision clips http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9833B50B624FDC48&feature=plcp Please be mindful that these videos are produced by students and teachers and are to be used as a support to studying and revision not as absolute answers.

Revision guides:
Amazon sell OCR produced skills and practice books that can be used to support revision. These are available online from £5.85.


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