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Francovision 2012

Added 7 years ago


A Press Pack report by Zac Minett - Y7
Last term on the 20th of December, Richard Lander School had its annual Francovision contest where all the Year 7 French classes got to represent their own country as they took part in a major competition called the Francovision Song Contest. It's a competition, similar to the infamous Eurovision, except that all the songs are sung in French! Countries listed included: La Suisse (who with no doubts would win the award for smartest dressed), Le Luxembourg, La Réunion, not to forget La Côte d'lvoire, easily remembered due to their hilarious and inspiring costume theme of ‘Where's Wally?’ , Le Maroc, La Belgique, La Tunisie , and of course, last but not least vive ‘La France’ made an appearance too and they certainly gave us something to laugh at as their main man (Patrick Wilkins) showed off his groove in the middle of the stage!

 After a great performance from each group  the results had been decided and in 1st place was none other than set 7r1 (La Réunion) with their ABBA medley and deserving winners too, runners up included La Tunisie in 2nd who sang ‘Danse ta vie!’ and La France in 3rd with ‘I'm Sexy and I know it’!
We managed to catch up to the judges afterwards who consisted of Year 10 students and here is what Amy Peachey (one of the many judges) had to say, '' Excellent show and it was good to see the happiness on the Year 7's faces ''.

Of course we should also spare a thought for the pantomime of Sleeping Beauty which was kindly presented to all Year 7 classes during the interval. It was full of scares with the evil witch but laughs with 3 boys who kindly volunteered to play some good fairies!

Here's what Madame Hocking, one of the French teachers, thought of the whole thing and despite sadly not being on the winning team, showed great spirit towards the whole thing,

''It was a wonderful show and the best group won'' .
All in all, from first-hand experience, it was a great way to spend a day in school.  It was fun, exciting and had its funny moments and there was a medley of modern and old songs or, as Ms Parker put it, (event organiser extraordinaire):
“The songs ranged from old favourites such as ABBA to a version of Gangnam style. Groups were marked on the quality of their French and their performance. The winners sang a fabulous ABBA medley”.
She also commented on how this year’s Francovision was   ''the best yet!''
Unfortunately we could not get a quote from the winning group, 7R1, but if you see them be sure to congratulate them on their success as they now carry the Francovision trophy! (previously held by Miss Hocking). With thanks to the pantomime crew, the judges, Ms Parker and all the other French teachers, especially Mr Rowe (who did the job of compere brilliantly) , and of course all of our Year 7 classes without whom we would have no Francovision!



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