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Eco-School - Going for Green Flag Status

Added 7 years ago


Eco-School - Going for Green Flag Status

At Richard Lander we are in the process of putting together an application for Green Flag status, which is the top award from Eco-Schools.

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their journey to becoming more sustainable.

Environment Club members, under the guidance of Mr Roberson, have carried out an initial survey highlighting what the school already does to reduce its environmental impact and what can be done to improve. This survey is being followed up with regular sustainability meetings organised by Mr P Gilbert.

Over the last few weeks, we have been focusing on waste reduction. The school has purchased a new Compost Tumbler, which will provide compost more quickly and easily. All staff bases now have green table top compost buckets with biodegradable liners, for tea bags, coffee granules, fruit and vegetables.

The canteen also has a compost bin along with heavy duty recycling containers for plastic, metal and cardboard. Sustainability representatives  from each tutor group have volunteered to act as “recycling guides” to ensure that these containers are used correctly and to empty the compost bins. The photograph below shows Saxon and Alex ensuring that Miss Watts puts her plastic bottle in the right bin!

Gardening Club

The school garden project is currently undergoing a complete revamp.  Miss Ritchie and Mr Knight have started Gardening Club and hold sessions  on Mondays and Fridays.

The team  spent week one weeding, but the inclement weather has meant that the last 2 sessions have been held indoors. However, the time has been well used with students planting tomatoes and making paper pots for peas. Today, the team are very happy to have to have the Head Gardener from Trelissick Gardens coming in to talk to the Gardening Club members. Another very  popular aspect of the club is that each session ends with a cup of hot chocolate!

Gardening Club are delighted to have secured funding for a shed and a 8x10ft Polytunnel complete with irrigation system, which should be delivered within the next couple of weeks. They are hoping to recruit Year 10 Land Management students to help with putting it up.
Please see Miss Ritchie or Mr Knight if you are interested in being involved.

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