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Aspiring Year 9 Minds with the DKH Legacy Trust, Cassie Patten, and General Electric!

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Aspiring Year 9 Minds with the DKH Legacy Trust, Cassie Patten, and General Electric!

On Monday 4th February, over 120 Year 9 students were fortunate enough to have a day off timetable, devoted entirely to helping them to be the best they could possibly be. 

DKH Legacy Trust, along with GE Money Volunteers came into school to deliver the Aspiring Minds programme, a full day of exciting and challenging activities designed to assist students in achieving their personal goals and ambitions.

The workshops covered the areas of Personal Target Setting, Training the Mind, Skills for Success, Overcoming Barriers and Inspiration from Others. Activities included Wattbikes; which measures the pedal power a person can generate in watts, a Test Your Speed goal where students measured the speed of their penalty kicks, the BATAK reaction tester, a sprint challenge and a team rowing competition.

Students also tested their initiative and learned the importance of communication skills and teamwork with a rope and bucket challenge. Mara Crowe from year 9 writes about this below.

A particularly exciting aspect of the day was that Cassie Patten, Team GB Swimmer and Olympic medallist, came into school to help with the activities, to provide inspiration and to talk to the students about the challenges she has overcome in her career.

When asked how the Aspiring Minds event had made them feel, students responded with “Amazing!” “Brave,”  “aware of different experiences and challenges” and “great, because I spoke to new people.”

Ellie White (13) said “I have learned today that if I keep trying, I will reach my goal” Curtis Wright (13) added “before I attempt my target , I will find out more about the thing I am trying to achieve.”

Mara Crowe, wrote about her experiences of Aspiring Minds for Press Pack.
I enjoyed the first task where we did 5 physical activities and had to estimate what we thought we were capable of. It turns out we were all better at the activities than we thought we would be. In general, I noticed that the girls were better with the hand sports and the boys were better with their feet.

Another of my favourite sessions was the one which involved the rope and bucket, we started this activity with a communication game, where one person was blindfolded,  one person wasn’t allowed to speak and the final person had to liaise between them, it was really confusing but lots of fun. During the rope challenge, we had to tip balls from one bucket into another. The catch was we could only control the bucket with ten long ropes, one student holding each rope. One group managed to get them all in at the end.

Overall, it has been a challenging but fun day and I would really like to do it again. I have learned the importance of teamwork and communication in all that you do!


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