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What a Buzz at the School Spelling Bee!

Added 7 years ago

Spelling has never been so exciting or nerve-wracking! On Wednesday 6th February, 21 year 7 students formed seven formidable teams to compete against each other to try and gain the title of best spellers.

Each member of the team was given a word to spell – if correct, they moved forward to the next round and gained 2 points for their team. If they got the word wrong, they were eliminated. Tensions were high as round by round the spellings increased in difficulty, with the number of students left in the competition dwindling.

At points, it seemed the many parents, staff and governors who attended were more nervous than the spellers as several words drew gasps and furrowed brows suggested that even the adults found many words tricky. The final 4 students consisted of Eric Nistor, Jordan Vinson, Caitlin Marshall and James Bott. With the level of difficulty at its peak, words such as archipelago, ombudsman and coccyx had 3 of the 4 baffled. However, our final speller, with the correct spelling of kerosene, was James Bott from the Vocabulary Vipers! The standard of spelling in this opening round was exceptionally high.
The final round consisted of quick fire spellings. Each team took to the stage and given two minutes to spell as many words as possible at their chosen level of difficulty.  There was some amazingly quick spelling happening on stage with students determined to gain as many points as they could for their team. It was close going into this final round with The Vocabulary Vipers and The Golden Stingers being separated by only 1 correct spelling. The stand out team from this round was The Golden Stingers, spelling 23 words correctly in the 2 minutes and, as medium level words were worth 2 points, they gained an extra 46 points to go to their total.

Each student performed well at the event and should be very proud of themselves. The top three teams on the night were: 3rd place – Red Hornets – Eric Nistor, Owen Crossley and Marcus Lee Cane; 2nd place – Vocabulary Vipers – Ben Keast, Alfie Marshall and James Bott; and 1st place – The Golden Stingers – Catelin Allan, Caitlin Marshall and Yasmin Stevens.

After the event, one parent said “That was a fantastic evening, very tense and exciting” while the Deputy Mayor John Tamblyn said “What an amazing bunch of students – great spelling.”

Miss Taylor, the organiser of the event, was especially pleased with the evening: “I am so proud of every student who took to the stage this evening. It is difficult to spell without writing the words down and add to that spelling in front of friends and family is scary. They were all fabulous!”

The scores will now be looked at closely and the RLS Hornets team, who will represent Richard Lander in The Times Spelling Bee competition, will be announced after half term.
Miss Taylor would like to thank all the support for the event and looks forward to doing it all again next year!


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