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Will Kemp Selected for GB Rowing Scholarship at Hartpury College

Added 7 years ago

Will Kemp Selected for GB Rowing Scholarship at Hartpury College

A Press Pack article by Georgiana Jefferies – Year 9

Will Kemp in year 11 has been selected by GB Rowing ID and offered a place at the prestigious sporting establishment; Hartpury College. He took part in testing with GB Rowing Team Start, the ground-breaking talent identification programme which was responsible for finding Helen Glover and Heather Stanning among many other Olympic rowers.

During the Rowing ID, Will was tested through various strength, endurance and fitness activities and his Anthropometric measurements were taken. These measurements revealed that his arm span was considerably (7.5cm) longer than his height which is very uncommon and came as news to Will!

Will says that he would love to go to Hartpury although his final decision will rely on the type of scholarship he is offered. Attending Hartpury would mean that Will would have to board and he would probably only come home at the end of each half term. This is a big change of plans for the guy who very recently said he “never wanted to leave Cornwall!”

Whilst at Hartbury, Will would also study A levels and is hoping to take Biology, Chemistry, History and PE. On top of lessons, his rowing training will begin with sessions 3 times a week, quickly building up to training every day.

Will says that whilst he has always been good at sport and enjoys playing rugby, he has never considered himself to be great. Perhaps this is because he hasn’t found the sport that is meant for him and that rowing may be the sport he can excel in.

Wills ultimate dream now is, of course, to win an Olympic Gold Medal and we wish him the very best of luck and will be looking out for him at the Olympics!


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