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The County's Largest Canvas?

Added 7 years ago

The county’s largest canvas?

Now in its ninth year, the Collaborative Art Project continues to go from strength to strength and challenge the students involved to get more and more creative. With this years opening literally weeks away in Lemon Street’s, Lander Gallery, students from across Truro’s secondary schools set to work on what must surely be the county’s, and if not the country’s, biggest canvas. Perranporth beach
draws visitors from far and wide in the summer months for its famed ‘miles of golden sand.’ In the winter however it is bordered by the wild Antlantic on one side and the rugged, wind swept cliffs and dunes on the other. These two features make a perfect, if unusual, frame for a unique canvas to work on. Armed with sticks, rakes, spades and hoes a hardy band of students set to work. Their task was to ‘draw’ on a truly almighty scale and create their interpretation of the weather, and all this before the tide swept the entire drawing away.
Before starting their drawing the students were told the story of, ’The Bug in The Rug.’ This bug could never see that he lived in a beautiful Persian rug because he was just too small to appreciate it. The students wouldn’t see what they had drawn until the very end of the day when a trip to the top of the cliff would reveal what they had created. It was with quite some amazement that the students looked back at their work. In a few short hours a huge area of the beach had been turned into a large abstract image. Although the drawing has long since been washed away, the whole process was recorded and a film of the whole day will be premiered at The Lander Gallery on Thursday 28th February.

A Conrad - Art Teacher


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