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Year 10 Falmouth University Photography Workshop

Added 6 years ago

Twenty students from Richard Lander School were lucky enough to experience a day of workshops and training at Falmouth University’s Tremough Campus. With facilities to rival any in the South West and top commercial studios in London, the students had the opportunity to explore photography both in the darkroom and in a cutting edge studio environment. The staff from Tremough gave a range of demonstrations and then handed over their facilities and it was time to experiment. With current and recently graduated students from Falmouth’s Photography BA on hand to give advice and support, our students devised their own shoots in the studio and learnt the ‘art’ of ‘wet’ processing in the darkroom.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn a bit more about the opportunities that are open to them beyond Richard Lander and see how the skills they are learning in school transfer to the professional world. Mr A Conrad - Photography Teacher

Today we went to Falmouth University for a photography workshop day. To begin with we had a quick tour of the photography block. We were then split into two groups. First we went to the dark room to learn about photograph development. We collected leaves and plants from outside, then arranged them on the light sensitive paper under the machines. It was interesting to see how the objects that did not let any light through created a solid white silhouette. The detail on some of the leaves was incredible! After lunch we went to a studio to experiment with light. We turned off the lights so that the room was pitch black, then used torches and flash lights to create interesting, abstract images. We learnt how the shutter speed and aperture affected the finished images. It was a really good day that will definitely benefit my photography. Georgia Cotterill

Today we went to Falmouth University to learn about photography at the university. We did two photography workshops. The first one was in a dark room where we developed photos. By using leaves and flowers on light sensitive paper we exposed it for a certain amount of time and then put it in a machine which developed it using chemicals into black and white. The second workshop was in a studio where we experimented with light drawing. Rachel Blackler
Today myself and some other year 10 students visited Falmouth University. We were led by three student ambassadors and an intern named Dan. We participated in two brilliant workshops, the first was in a dark room developing black and white composition photographs. We used a machine which added all the developing chemicals and had individual design booths, where we could adjust the aperture and exposure In the second workshop we experimented with light painting and flash photography. After a look in the gallery we went back of the buses. It was a very interesting experience. Freya Eschle- Retallick


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