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Build my Future with GE Money

Added 5 years ago

The team from GE Money, Truro, joined the Personal Development Department  for a day, delivering a workshop to students in Year 9.  The aim of the day is that young people learn that a good balance across four elements of life can help build success and happiness.
These 4 elements are:
Expertise – skills and qualifications Health – emotional and physical
Citizenship – social, political and environmental awareness
Socialising – building relationships and engagement with others

The day was fun and action packed, students worked in teams of six with a GE volunteer to create a person’s life story as it moves from their age through to the age of 25. They construct this character as an articulated head and body and then present their creation as it performs an imaginary ‘future-life’ scenario.
The aims of the day were :

To make young people aware of the importance of balancing the four elements for achieving success in life

To ensure young people are able to visualise their goals
To ensure young people feel confident participating in an outside club or activity
Develop young people’s skills for life and employability
To ensure young people have a greater wellbeing and improved perception

The activity was developed in response to research that showed high levels of anxiety amongst adolescents about their future. Evidence suggests that meeting volunteers has a positive impact and can even boost job prospects.

Mrs Downing
Head of PD 

Richard Lander School