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LED—Let Everyone Decide Workshops

Added 6 years ago

L.E.D (Let Everyone Decide) is presented by Oriel Ministries a registered charity focusing their work in the schools of the South-West. L.E.D is a Christian team with a vision of working  together with local schools, churches and other organisations, bringing with them substantial experience in working with young people and presenting positive life choices in a culturally relevant manner. Their presentation combined music and faith with a brand new sound, lively performance, positive lyrics and message inspiring young people to reach their potential.

The L.E.D group was with Richard Lander for a week, working within Key Stage Three lesson times and contributing to assemblies. The multi-sensory teaching approach helps young people to look at the pressures they face in today’s society and promotes discussions around these issues, equipping and encouraging young people to think about the lifestyle choices they make, and how a person’s beliefs impact the way they live their lives. Specific issues addressed  included dealing with, and attitudes to:  drugs, alcohol, bullying, self-worth, relationships and peer pressure. The week culminated in a concert run by the local Christian youth group and the School’s Christian Union group.

Student feedback included:
“The song at the start was not what I expected, as you got further into the performance the meaning of the activity is very interesting and is a fun way of learning about respect.”

“The performance was creative and involved us really well, I feel that I have learnt a lot. It didn’t matter if you were religious or not, the themes were relevant if you had faith or none at all.”



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