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Sporting Excellence - Old and New Students

Added 5 years ago

Frank Holmes in year 7 recently represented South West England in a Basketball tournament. Whilst playing a match against Wales, he was selected to trial for the regional tournament and now looks forward to training at different locations up and down the country.

Will Kemp, who was in Year 11 last year, popped into school to update us on his progress at Hartpury College. This time last year, Will was happily planning A-level study at Truro College, when he attended a Team GB Rowing Roadshow and was spotted as a potential rower due to his fitness, and genealogical assets—in particular his incredibly long arms. He went on to win a scholarship at Hartpury College and we are delighted that he is continuing to update us on his progress. At only 16, this has been massive change for Will, but he is showing characteristic maturity and coping incredibly well. He has written this  report for us.

Year One at Hartpury College
By Will Kemp

College is a great experience in itself but boarding at a college 200 miles from home is something I can’t really describe.
I’ve been away from home since September, only coming back for the holidays. It is stressful, what with A-levels and training, but it is worth it.
My typical week consists of 4 hours of A-levels every day from Monday to Friday and a total of 30 hours of training, Monday—Saturday.
It is a very good place to be socially, which is a benefit and a hindrance, but I have made some great friends, which is inevitable if you are around the same guys every day, 24 hours a day.
If was difficult for me to start with, as  I hadn’t actually done any rowing until I started, so I had to learn a new sport from scratch and really work to get to a high standard, but as the summer regattas approach hopefully I will see the results of all my training.
I really feel that none of this would have been possible without the PE staff of Richard Lander School who gave me support over the 5 years I was here and Mr Durant, who was a member of the PE department last year as it was him who arranged the trails which lead to me being offered a place at Hartpury College. I really appreciate all your help and hope to return in the future.
While Will was in school we jumped at the opportunity to get him back in a Richard Lander School athletics vest to test drive the school rowing machines...
.. and also to have this picture taken with Mr Vaughan!

Thank you Will and all the best with your summer regattas! 

Richard Lander School