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Year 7 Gifted and Talented Enterprise Day

Added 6 years ago

30 year 7 Gifted and Talented Students were selected to take part in an enterprise day focusing on ethical trading and team work.  Within the teams, students were given the task of designing and creating their own brand and clothing products. The day concluded with students presenting their businesses to a specialist panel of judges. The presentations were outstanding and represented the hard work students had put into the day. All students were a credit to Richard Lander School demonstrating exceptional entrepreneurial skills.
It was very difficult to pick a winning team as all the groups had developed creative brands which consider all aspects of ethical trading. However a big congratulations must go to the winning team ‘Sea Scape’ which consisted of Jessica Georgelin, Sophie Robbins, Ben Parker, Amelia Ireland and Robert Brittle as they had the edge over the competition with their unique selling point “Easy-on”.

Student Report by Amelia Ireland, Sophie Robbins and Jessica Geogelin

We were lucky enough to be selected for the year 7 enterprise day. This inspired us to realise all the economic factors that make a good company.
The day focused on ethical trading in the clothing industries. First we had to create a diamond nine on the most important factors to take into consideration in starting an ethical clothing brand. The points included; child labour, fair trade, not to use animal testing and being environmentally friendly…
Throughout the rest of the day we focused on designing our own clothing brand, which would be presented to a panel of judges at the end of the day, Dragon’s Den style. Our company had to be eco-friendly and support fair trade products. Our group stood out from the rest because we created a new clothing collection within our company, Sea Scape, called Easy-On, for surfers and swimmers. As the inside of the clothing was coated in a thin layer of wax it is easy to get on and off after going swimming because the wax is water repellent.
The Panel of judges consisted of Mr Vaughan, who loved the Rainbow Pandas - another group, Mr Rabey, who asked very tough questions, Miss Rickatson and Mr Jacob Wickett, an ex-student who is doing Business Studies at Truro College and is an advisor to the school’s Year 10 Young Enterprise company. The presentation was really nerve racking because we went last and all the other groups were amazing. After doing it, we had to stand up in front of the panel and be interrogated.
In conclusion, we learnt about fair trade and ethical trading and we are glad we won the prize of a Thornton’s Easter egg.

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