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Bath University Elite Performance Squad Trip

Added 6 years ago

by Hatti Sydenham – Year 10

Visiting Bath University was a fantastic opportunity for some of Richard Lander School Elite Performance Squad students. The squad was set up to offer some of the most talented sports performers extra enrichment opportunities throughout the year.
On Saturday 5th April, Mr Stoddard and Mr Williams took 13 students from Year 11 and Year 10 to Bath University to experience a range of top quality sports played in some excellent sports facilities. At this event, Truro College students were competing in different sports in the British Colleges Sport National Finals and it was also really nice to see 2 ex-students from Richard Lander representing their teams; Courtney Lee-Reid (swimming) and Jack Simmons (rugby). In addition to us spectating Swimming and Rugby we also watched Tennis, Table Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Trampolining.
When we arrived at Bath we were given a talk about the history of the event and about the facilities which we could see. This was delivered to us by one of the main organisers and we also got a little talk from one of the students who volunteers for this event which told us all about her journey from secondary school to being a volunteer for this major event. I think some of us can relate to her experience as we have all in some way taken part in a sports leadership over the last few years.
Before we got on the bus home, we all wanted to visit the bobsleigh and the skeleton push start. This is where firstly Amy Williams (2010) and more recently Lizzie Yarnold (2014) improved their skills, resulting in 2 gold medals for Britain in the Winter Olympics.

All of the facilities offered at Bath University are amazing and it was very easy to see how they helped to support some of Britain’s top sportspeople. This trip real has helped some of us to raise our aspirations to represent Truro College or to try to get to a top sporting university such as Bath. Over all I really think that the experience opened my eyes and the eyes of many other who travelled to Bath Uni. We can now see what is waiting for us in the future.


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