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Jamie Jones at the National Brit Bowl

Added 5 years ago

Year 10 student and keen rugby player, Jamie Jones from TIRb, decided at the start of the summer to try a new sport. He joined the Cornish Sharks American Football team, who have a junior section for 14 to 17 year olds.  He is the youngest member of the squad and wears the number 81 shirt, playing as a running back. The teams are only 5-a-side although normal rules are played in matches of 15 minutes each way.

Within just a few weeks, he went with the team to London for the qualifiers for the national finals, known as the BritBowl. They travelled with just 11 players and faced teams with squads two or three times as large. They performed extremely well and eventually beat the London Blitz 12 – 6 in the final to progress to the National Championships.

Last Friday, Jamie travelled with his 11 team mates to Doncaster for the finals.  They won their first match, progressing to the semi-final where they came up against the Highland Wildcats. A high scoring game ensued but the Cornish Sharks lost out by 40 points to 26.  This was a very creditable effort against the eventual winners.

One final game was played to decide on 3rd and 4th place and the Sharks ran out winners and were able to claim they are third best in the country for their age!!

If anyone would like to try American Football then talk to Jamie around the school to find out more about it.  Alternatively look at the Cornish Sharks website. I am sure their head coach, Brian Smallworth, would welcome anybody who would like to give it a go.

Mr I. Robinson
(Jamie’s Tutor)

Richard Lander School