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School Council and Students Leaders Meetings

Added 5 years ago

In the recent School Council meetings, KS3 and Year 10 students said that they particularly liked our mixed/vertical tutor groups. sports facilities, teams & clubs, the Art and Photography department, School Productions and our 5  'shorter' lessons per day but they would like to  change some aspects of uniform/make-up/jewellery policy which seem very strict and have more suppliers of uniform.
If they were ‘Head for the day, ’
they would allow students more social time, reduce homework and allow shorts for boys in the summer.

Our Year 11 Senior Leaders liked that the staff are approachable and find our casual uniform better than a more formal one but are not keen on the colour. They noted that the new wall displays focus really well on the students & subjects of the school with photos of students doing school activities & enjoying them and that the 'Buddy' system works well but maybe 'Buddies' should be Year 8s instead of Year 11s. The things that they would change are that the push-down taps in the toilets switch off too quickly, and they would like a bigger dining hall - maybe with a mezzanine floor for Year11/Staff - and more prominent price signs in the Dining Hall.

Water fountains would be better if you could drink from them rather than just filling drinks bottles and the  seagull netting  should be replaced with a heavier duty solution. Student leaders would like to see better  ventilation in the changing room and lunchtime sittings to be organised in years instead of learning communities. If they were ‘Head for the day’ they would organise more non-uniform days for charity.

Year 11 were also asked how the school can help specifically in the final exam year, and would like tutor time to be designated as additional 'study time' with specific preparation sessions from departments (this was started last year). They would like the school to organise some team-building days out both as a year group & just for Senior Leaders. They would also like more study rooms with computers and more one-to-one time with teachers although this should not be compulsory.

At the Student Council meetings last year, students requested the phase out the zip-up tops, so we agreed with students to investigate an RLS jumper, plus fashionable cardigan, as well as a school branded hoodies which we may allow students to wear around school.  The Governors have approved this investigation and some examples of these items were shown to students at last week's Student Council meetings, which met with their approval.
Options & aspects are still being discussed with the school and  suppliers. Further information about this uniform update will be communicated to all students, parents and staff in the due course.

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